DT designs and builds machines for the food industry, to support all companies, from small to large, in the construction of plants, in design, consulting and adaptation services that allows us to create the optimal solutions for your company.

We specialize in stainless steel fabrication of bespoke machinery and equipment for manufacturing companies in these sectors:


• Machines for the food industry

• Dosing of dairy products (yogurt, ricotta, mozzarella etc)

• Smoothers

• Filling systems and specially designed for pasteurization

• Cookers with pasteurizer for food and specific for sauces, sauces, jams

• Washing, cooking, and food processing

• Washing machines for fruit and vegetables

• Food and liquid dispensers

• Closure of caps, capping and capping

• Drying of jars and bottles

• Filling machines,

• Transport tanks and with agitators,

• Conveyors,

• Volumetric fillers and with the exclusive bag in box technology,

• Processing tables,

• Drainage tapes


Our experience in the sector allows us to collaborate with installers and operators to propose solutions or projects of specialized equipment according to the customer's needs.

Our engineers will work with you to produce custom designed equipment and machinery to improve processes, productivity and solve manufacturing problems while maintaining high design standards.

We offer a full range of services, from design to installation, including:


• Engineering

• Design and editing

• Project management

• Sheet metal processing and fabrication

• Assembly

• Installation


Stainless steel is widely used in the food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries for manufacturing, storage and bulk transportation, preparation and presentation applications.

We manufacture stainless steel equipment for the food industry where quality material is required:


• Stainless mixers

• Steel pots

• Stainless trees

• Stainless components for various processes

• Conveyors

• Chargers

• Blenders

• Screw presses

• Meat mincer

• Metal detectors

• Hoppers

• Auger

• Foculators


DT also designs transport systems:


• Vats

• Tanks

• Silos

• Hoppers

• Tipper bin

• Slides

• Drinkers and sinks

• Drinking fountains


Whatever your need, we can manufacture a cost effective solution.



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