Learning has never been simpler and easier to manage. We conduct online courses with the help of video courses, graphic examples, micro guides and much more. At the end you will be able to manage your company for the entire production range. With the experience gained over many years on teaching and with the preparation of staff, with step by step steps, we have specially prepared different levels of courses. Not only will we guide you in the solution of online operations, but you will be able, day after day, to carry out the activities concerning your business or production with total autonomy. The courses are prepared at various levels and in different learning ranges. The training of organic personnel is our strength. With manual exercises, special software we will guide you towards your complete independence in carrying out any technical skills that concern your business or production. The courses take place online or on your premises, preparing everything you need in a special space dedicated to us. We will deliver small brochures and educational material for the practice of some recurring jobs in normal company procedures. The arguments and subjects covered are at your discretion.

List of services:

Courses for 2D two-dimensional drawing, with CAD AUTOCAD or M10, exercises and explanations ranging from essential commands to the development of real machining tables for machine tools or large assemblies, with specification tables, processing annotations, materials etc.

Three-dimensional drawing and 3D modeling courses with parametric or dynamic CAD such as: Solidworks, Solid Design CoCreate, Solid Eight, MX6 Unigraphics, Pro-E and CATIA, in addition to modeling and three-dimensional studies.

Simulation and processing of finite elements or hydrodynamics with the help of software such as Cosmos or ANSYS.

Plotting and printing framing, scaled printing methods, lineweights and custom layers.

Manuals of maintenance, assembly and instruction booklets, with details, exploded views, sections, cross-sections etc. that you will obtain yourself from the 2 / 3D drawing.

Websites how to make them and what software to use. Tips for developing and running an excellent website complete with all the details you will want to include.

Presentations with Powerpoint, flash or other software, with insertion of videos, images, photos, drawings and much more.

Editing and creating great videos for many applications. What software to use what to do to create excellent videos.


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