Installation and integration of any PDM / PLM database with updates, checks and periodic tests, maintenance and insertion of new components daily The integration with management systems and communication with PDM / PLM will make production faster and less problematic in all its forms and aspects. The Production procedure, after the regular Design and Validation of the product, will be almost automatic by following the steps necessary for the purchase of materials, order processing, quality control, industrialization, testing and final shipping, an automated mechanism perfectly integrated with the PDM and Company Management. We have products for saving and managing not only CAD files, but also data management such as:

■ Model identification and revision control documentation

■ Electronic Library or Data Blocks for CAD files

■ Part of the record physical attributes

■ Record Source Provider

■ Bill of materials management

■ Change control engineering in workflow

All available software are designed to maintain a complete evolution of the products you market. PDM and PLM aim to centralize and control the "who, what, when, why, how, at what cost" history of product data. PDM, like PLM, coordinates design intent and provides an orderly flow of approved data. PDM / PLM ensures that only the correct parts are ordered and purchased, manufactured and assembled according to valid and approved documentation. PDM / PLM manages the entire production phase of the product in complete form: requirements, drawings, supplier data sheets, test and validation results, assembly, testing and control procedures; documentation and technical support materials in the field. PDM and PLM systems avoid costly mistakes related to unapproved part replacements, out-of-date documentation, incorrect codes and even many transcription errors in transferring final drawings into production. They can also answer questions about what was previously used, previous changes, and why and which alternatives were looked into and rejected. This specifically tracks the release of design, product change and offers a comprehensive view of the data throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, they include peripheral capabilities such as material identification for regulatory compliance or cost roll-up for materials analysis policy. The system provides a global view of the information that must be managed as part of the product life cycle even by non-technicians or designers, in fact a user interface, very simple and practical, allows anyone to perfectly manage or monitor the company product, even by sending simple updates sent by e-mail and e-mail.



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