Design and development of electric vehicles. Over the course of several years of experimentation we have designed and developed medium and large power electric vehicles for various types of road and off-road performances. DT is one of the companies focused on providing development services for the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide a wide range of services dedicated to the development of new vehicles and industrial products, from styling to engineering and to production prototypes to testing and validation. Regulatory pressures on internal combustion engines (ICEs), combined with technological improvements in powertrains and electric batteries, are driving an increase in demand for electric vehicles (electric vehicles). Most of the reigning automakers are launching models, joined by new competitors with no ICE heritage. World sales of pure battery electric vehicles (excluding hybrids) grew by about 45 percent in 2016. With electric vehicles becoming mass market products, it's time for a detailed understanding of technology trends. In collaboration with some suppliers of automotive and motorcycle vehicles, we have produced first and second generation vehicles, optimizing over time the autonomy at the powers required by the market. Together, these manufacturers and component suppliers, we have managed over the years to produce vehicles with impact and with great success in terms of sales. The resulting analysis shows that successfully producing electric vehicles requires radically different thinking. The benchmark reveals that OEMs have begun to consistently apply design to cost (DTC), particularly to electric vehicle powertrain and body-in-white design, as the battle for performance and range has been won. This trend is particularly evident in second generation electric vehicles. DT's focus was primarily on integrating components in the powertrain area and smarter use of lightweight materials in structural parts and next-generation electrical and electron components.


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