KIT FOR THE DESIGNER: Kit of equipment for technical drawing, are the ideal starting point for students of interior design. This set contains everything you need to start practicing your technical drawing techniques. Drawing kits; We offer a selection of preconfigured drawing kits perfect for a beginner, student or professional. The drawing kits are configured for both technical and architectural drawing. Kits are configured with the necessary drawing tools and available with or without drawing tables.

If you are a school or company looking for a kit designed specifically for your needs, we can do it. We are able to build custom kits for most programs. If you are interested in a custom kit, please email us the specifications for the kit plus the number of kits needed. See email address in contacts below. If you are interested in individual drawing tools or a set of drawings, you can tell us about your request and your needs. Purchase with the PayPal or Carte method and then send an email with the details to Alternative to buy through EBay shop.


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