Learning has never been simpler and easier to manage. We conduct courses on-line with the 'use of video lessons, examples, graphics, micro guides and lots more. At the end you will be able to manage your business throughout the range of production. With 'experience over many years on' teaching and the preparation of personnel, with steps step by step, we have prepared specially different levels of courses. Not only will guide you in the resolution of on-line transactions, but you'll be able to play day after day with total autonomy to activities that relate to your business or production.

List of services:

 Courses for 2D drawing two-dimensional CAD or AUTOCAD M10, tutorials and explanation that goes from the controls essential to the development of real work tables for machine tools and large overall, with specific tables, records processing, materials, etc.

 Courses with Three Dimensional Design 3D CAD parametric or dynamic such as: Solidworks, Solid Design CoCreate Solid Eight, MX6 Unigraphics, Pro-E and CATIA, and studies in more than three-dimensional modeling.

 Simulation and evaluation of hydrodynamics with the finite element or 'using software such as Cosmos or ANSYS.

 Framework for the printing and plotting, printing methods scale, thickness of lines and custom layer.

 Maintenance manuals, booklets, and instruction, with special exploded, sections, cutaways, etc. that we get from the drawing yourself 2/3D.
Web sites like them and what software to use.

 Suggestions for the development and proper functioning of an excellent website full of all the details you want to insert.

 Powerpoint presentations, flash or other software, with the inclusion of videos, images, photographs, drawings and more.

 Editing and creating great video for many applications. What software do use it to create video d 'excellence.

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