Installation and integration of any Database PDM / PLM with periodic updates inspections and tests , and Maintenance Inserting new members daily . The ' integration with Management and Communication with PDM / PLM will make production faster and less problematic in all its forms and aspects . The procedure of production after the regular Planning and Validation of the product , you will almost automatically follows the steps needed to ' Purchase of materials, order processing , quality control , manufacture, testing and final delivery mechanism fully automated and integrated PDM and the Management Company . We have products for rescue and management not only of CAD files , but also for data management such as:

■ Documentation of model identification and revision control

■ Electronic Library or blocks of data to CAD files

■ Part of the physical attributes record

■ Supplier record source

■ Manager BOM

■ Engineering change control workflow

All software available, are designed to maintain a complete evolution of the products marketed by you . PDM and PLM link to centralize and control the "who, what, when, why, how, at what cost " history of product data. The PDM , PLM as well as coordinates the design intent, and provides an orderly flow of data approved . PDM / PLM ensures that only the correct parts are ordered and purchased, produced and assembled in accordance with the valid documentation and approved. PDM / PLM operates in complete form throughout the production phase of the product: requirements , drawings, data sheets of the suppliers, the results of the testing and validation, assembly procedures , testing and inspection , documentation and technical support materials in the field. PDM and PLM systems avoid costly mistakes related to the replacement of parts not approved , out- of-date documentation , incorrect codes and many transcription errors in transferring designs into final production . They can also answer questions about what had been previously used , previous changes and why and what alternatives were considered and rejected. In this way it follows , in particular, the issue of design, change the product and provides a comprehensive view of the data for the entire life cycle of the product. In addition to devices include features such as the identification of materials for regulatory compliance or cost roll-up to the bill of materials analysis . The system provides comprehensive view of the information that must be managed as part of the life cycle of the product or even by non-technical designers, in fact, a ' user interface, very easy and convenient , it allows anyone to perfect the management or monitoring of the company's product , even with the ' sending simple update sent by e-mail e-mail .

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