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We offer a variety of services, with a focus that help companies automate development processes and product configuration. We embrace a wide range of industries including : Packaging, Beverage , Food , Automotive , etc. . In the field of industrial automation needs are higher than ever , we offer a wide range of solutions to suit your interests and aspirations of trying to develop products in line with the end customers . This field edge , we see constantly being constantly updated materials and components used . The design of industrial automation systems follow the following lines of development :

In Phase 1 we study a common basis , which provides the basis for specialization in later stages. They cover topics such as devices and materials used.

In phase 2 is planned through a 2D CAD Layout overall dimensions spaces and or premises for the ' eventual positioning and design of the system , with descriptions phase of work and all the details about .

In Phase 3, you embark on a major project of individual design , which sees the 2/3D modeling of each phase of the ' plant and special processing , leading to the design and development of a system or the original device, incorporating robotics and system design control .

In stage 4 , the positioning of the ' plant treating various measures and changes in line with the new and existing systems already in use, making changes and revisions necessary for the functioning of the system.

The areas are particularly important :

Automotive : A panorama automotive industry is evolving and require new approaches to automotive production throughout the supply chain.

Beverage : We offer a fully integrated approach for the production of beverages - from the receipt of raw materials through the supply of packaged products. This approach ensures efficiently a mix of quality beverages produced in safety at the lowest cost per unit without sacrificing taste , uniformity and consistency.

Entertainment: Roundabouts, automated games and children's games taking care of the security and protection. In addition to the ski slopes and Transport functions Automated industry-specific mountain .

Fiber and Fabrics: Automation in the textile industry , we offer a range of solutions specifically for fiber and fabric production that can improve the production operation at each point.

Food: optimization for manufacturing operations , we can help you reach important levels , optimizing costs , quality, flexibility and regulatory challenges , from raw materials through final shipment .

Household and Personal Care : Automation in the process of production of Makeup, Cosmetics , toiletries , soaps , creams, and household products such as detergents, cleaners , sponges , gloves , brushes, waxes , etc.

Infrastructure : Automation for Airports in particular automation structures for sorting of luggage, bags and merchandise. Seaports infrastructure such as harbor cranes for containers etc. .

Medical Sector - Pharmaceutical : With R & D and constant upgrades of the systems, we meet a wide range of customers used for years in this area. Our experience is based on the design of systems for the packaging of blister for pills , capsules and tablets and syrups to bottling and medicines in liquid form.

Marine: Rising energy costs , increasing environmental regulations they put us to the test in the design of new structures. In the field the commitment was also concentrated in designing high-performance electric boats , diesel, marine and floating platforms for the ' extraction of Oil and Natural Gas . Equipment for military use , defense and maritime surveillance .

Metals: Plants for the treatment and processing of metals.

Mines and mineral extraction : Plant and machinery for the process of extraction and processing of minerals.

Oil and Gas : Equipment for the collection and sorting of Gas Pipelines, Oil and gas pipelines .

Electricity : Installations for the production of electricity and facilities for the supply of materials essential for the system.

Printing and Publishing : Plant for the roller printing , sorting and packaging . Fully automated machinery for cleaning the rollers , systems for recovering solvents . Sorting systems for paper mail through mechanical and pneumatic transport .

Paper Production & Recycling : Equipment for the production of paper and systems for the recycling of materials.

Semiconductors and Electronics: Design of plants for the production of Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards .

Rubber and Plastic Materials : Rubber Production facilities such as tires , tubes , boxes , panels etc

Water Treatment : Plants for the treatment of Wastewater or Drinking .

Fitness : exercise equipment for gyms or sports facilities.