Thanks to twenty years of experience in the sector, DT stands out for its ability to satisfy the requests of its customers with designs of the highest quality. Design of plastic injection molds. The experience gained in the molding of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins allows us to offer customized solutions to customers in different industrial sectors: from automotive to automation, from lighting engineering to sports items etc ... DT has successfully developed various requests for satisfied customers, for plastic injection mold products. Our great attention and attention to detail allows us to guarantee a fast and flexible production of semi-finished products, while maintaining their reliability and efficiency. We deal with Research and Development for requests for market innovations or product renewals. Our characteristic is to focus on the design of molds that have a longer life while remaining within the standard production costs. Design of cast molds of non-ferrous alloys such as Aluminum, Bronze, Brass and Copper. Earth casting for requests for large quantities of material at a very low production speed, obtaining large details aimed at sectors such as naval with bronze castings, artistic with castings such as low reliefs and statues. The demands for producing higher quality products and lower costs have never been stronger than they are today. To meet these needs, many industries have been revolutionized with the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). With material flow analysis and die modeling we guarantee products of enormous reliability over time with high performance in the production of aluminum die casting products and other materials. In addition, dies for the production of forms by drawing.



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