Over the years we have gained considerable experience in emergency planning through the drafting of appropriate emergency plans and in the management of fire safety through the development of Fire Safety Management Systems, for any type of activity, from small and medium-sized companies to multinationals. in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, up to health, sports, school facilities, etc.



Thanks to an important national and international experience we have developed a planning and management methodology for all types of emergencies in accordance with the most advanced international standards and guidelines.

Based on these standards we provide the following services:

Drafting of emergency plans able to outline the best risk mitigation strategies and the most effective communication and response procedures for the various types of risk.

Elaboration of complex corporate emergency plans for large companies and multinationals aimed at the safety of people and business continuity.



Still on the subject of Safety, a Fire Safety Management System (SGSA) may be developed by our technicians in order to identify and manage, within the organizational structure of the activity, the responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources. and the checks to be carried out so that, in compliance with the safety regulations and provisions, the following aspects are managed and maintained over time:

Risk conditions and parameters established in the fire prevention project

Maintenance of the limitations and conditions of use of the facility as well as of fire prevention and protection measures

Management of any changes.


The management of fire safety aims at:

Management of the fire safety of the activity in operation and the maintenance over time of the initial fire safety levels envisaged in the project and by the regulations.

Fire safety management in case of emergency, to ensure an adequate level of safety of the activity or structure in case of fire.

The correct management of safety during operation must include:

the reduction of the probability of the onset of fires and the reduction of the effects, which is carried out through control or surveillance actions aimed at verifying the cleanliness and order in the workplace at scheduled intervals to reduce the probability of ignition, the reduction of load of fire, the maintenance of escape routes free of materials, etc.

The control and maintenance of fire-fighting systems and equipment, which is carried out through the planning of periodic checks and maintenance carried out by specialized companies, and the recording of the results in the control register by the person in charge of the activity.

The preparation for emergency management which is carried out through the planning of the simulation of hypothesized emergencies, fire drills and periodic evacuation tests.


The correct management of safety during an emergency must include:

Activation and implementation of the emergency and evacuation plan

Activation of rescue services

Activation of the Emergency Management Center where foreseen

Activation of emergency procedures.



Following a performance-based design according to the principles of Fire Safety Engineering, our technicians develop a Fire Safety Management System (SGSA), that is, a document to be presented to the control body in the project approval phase, which has as its purpose the maintenance of the foreseen protection measures and the management of any changes.

Specifically, the Fire Safety Management System evaluates and explains the following management aspects of fire safety:

Staff organization

Identification and assessment of the dangers deriving from the activity

Operational control

Change management

Emergency planning

Safety of rescue teams

Performance check

Maintenance of protection systems

Control and review.



The staff provides assistance and support to companies and public bodies in the training of emergency personnel and in the information of all employees through training activities aimed at obtaining a certain level of preparation for emergencies according to the requests of the company or body .



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